Cambridge Bylaws with respect to Pleasure Grounds
made on 28 November 1928 and confirmed by the Minister of Health on 3 January 1928

These only cover Christ's Pieces, Alexandra Garden, Romsey Recreation Ground, the Lammas Land and the Coleridge Road Recreation Ground. Only bylaw 2 is included here.

2 A person, other than an officer of the Council acting in the proper execution of his duty, or any person or servant of any person employed by the Council in the proper execution of any work in connection with the laying out or maintenance of the pleasure ground, shall not bring or cause to be brought into the pleasure ground any barrow, truck or machine, or any vehicle other than a wheeled chair, drawn or propelled by hand, or a perambulator or chaise drawn or propelled by hand and used for the conveyance of a child or children or an invalid

Provided that, where the Council set apart a space in the pleasure ground for the use of bicycles, tricycles or other machines, this bylaw shall not be deemed to prevent the driving or wheeling in or to that space of a machine of the class for which it is set apart