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You have found your way to a page containing an unfinished puzzle in my collection, not linked from the main puzzles page. Don't be surprised if things are hard to understand or don't work as you expect.


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If you've been reading this message for more than a second or two, then this WebAssembly puzzle doesn't seem to be working in your web browser. Sorry!

More information

Most modern browsers should support WASM. I've had reports of success from:

If this puzzle isn't working in one of those browsers (or a later version), check to see whether you have any local configuration that might have turned off WebAssembly completely, or some kind of blocking software that might have prevented the WASM code from being downloaded in the first place.

(For example, in Firefox, it's possible to turn off WASM completely by setting javascript.options.wasm to false in the about:config interface. If you've done that, or something analogous in another browser, this puzzle won't run.)

In other browsers, the problem might be that WebAssembly isn't supported at all (for example, Internet Explorer 11), or that a browser update is needed.

If you think that your browser should support WebAssembly, but this puzzle still isn't running, then please report the problem, including as much diagnostic information as you can find.

In particular, try opening your browser's Javascript error console and then reloading this page, and tell me if it reports any error messages.

Also, if your browser has a network diagnostic tab, try the same experiment, to make sure it is successfully loading both of the auxiliary files group.js and group.wasm.

Fill in the grid with the letters shown to the top and left of it, so that the full grid is a valid Cayley table for a group.

If you don't already know what a group is, I don't really recommend trying to play this game. But if you want to try anyway, the above is equivalent to saying that the following conditions must be satisfied:

To place a letter, click in a square to select it, then type the letter on the keyboard. To erase a letter, click to select a square and then press Backspace.

Right-click in a square and then type a letter to add or remove the number as a pencil mark, indicating letters that you think might go in that square.

You can rearrange the order of elements in the rows and columns by dragging the column or row headings back and forth. (The rows and columns will stay in sync with each other.) Also, left-clicking between two row or column headings will add or remove a thick line between those two rows and the corresponding pair of columns (which is useful if you're considering a subgroup and its cosets).

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