Chapter 2 - System 2 Parts List

Unpack the kit carefully and ensure that no components are concealed within the packing materials.

6502 C.P.U. card

PCBPrinted Circuit Card200,000 issue 3 or later
IC16502 micro processorand 40 pin socket
IC32114 RAMand 18 pin socket
IC42114 RAM"
IC5Not supplied
IC6Not supplied
IC7OS ROMand 24 pin socket
IC8INS 8154 RAM I/O not suppliedbut 40 pin socket is
IC974LS20and 14 pin socket
IC1O74LS139and 16 pin socket
IC1174LS04and 14 pin socket
IC1274LS00and 14 pin socket
XTAL1MHz crystal
R1-44 off 4K7 resistor
Cl-247 or 100 nF capacitor
C915 uF electrolytic capacitor

NB: C3, C4, C10, IC5, IC6, and IC13 are not fitted. IC8 is available as an accessory.

Cassette Interface

PCBPrinted Circuit Card200,001 issue 2 or later
IC1CD4024Band 14 pin socket
IC7LM358and 8 pin socket
R13K9 resistor
R247K resistor
R34K7 resistor
R41K resistor
RS10K resistor
R64K7 resistor
R74K7 resistor
R847K resistor
R94K7 resistor
R104K7 resistor
R1110K resistor
R1247K resistor
R134K7 resistor
R14470K resistor
R154K7 resistor
R164K7 resistor
C1100pF capacitor
C21nF capacitor
C310nF capacitor
C41nF capacitor
C515uF electrolytic capacitor
C647 or 100 nF capacitor
C7Not fitted
C822nF capacitor
C947 or 100 nF capacitor
C1047 or 100 nF capacitor

Visual Display Unit Interface

PCBAcorn Computers Ltd. pt no 200,002
IC174LS139 decoderand 16 pin socket
IC274LS02 NOR gateand 14 pin socket
IC374LS13 Schmitt triggerand 14 pin socket
IC4MC6845 C.R.T. controllerand 40 pin socket
IC5, 6 & 774LS157 data selectorand 16 pin socket
IC8 & 92114-3 R.A.M.and 18 pin socket
IC1O74LS174 hex flip-flopand 16 pin socket
IC11INS 8208 bufferand 20 pin socket
IC1274LS86 excl. OR gateand 14 pin socket
IC13SAA5050 character generatorand 28 pin socket
IC1474LS00 NAND gateand 14 pin socket
Q1BC107 transistor
D11N4148 diode
R11K resistor
R21K resistor
R33470 R preset potentiometer
R410K resistor
R54K7 resistor not supplied
R622K resistor
R74K7 resistor
R810K resistor
R9-124 off 10K resistors
R134K7 resistor
R1410K resistor
R15470R resistor
R1682R resistor
R1718K resistor not supplied
R1810K resistor
R1910K resistor not supplied
R20-223 off 10K resistors
Cl10 or 15 uF electrolytic capacitor
C2-76 off 47 nF capacitors
C8100 pF capacitor
C9150 pF capacitor

NB: For IC11, INS208 is equivalent to DP8304

Memory Board (issue 2)

PCBPrinted Circuit Card200,003 issue 2 of later
IC3-102114 RAMand 18 pin socket
IC1, 2, 11-1618 pin sockets supplied for extension RAM
IC17BASIC ROM and 24 pin socket
IC1824 pin socket supplied for extension ROM
IC1974LS42 and 16 pin socket
IC2074LS00 and 14 pin socket
IC2181LS95 or 97 and 20 pin socket
IC22INS8208 and 20 pin socket
IC2381LS95 or 97 and 20 pin socket
IC2474L42 and 16 pin socket
IC2574LS00 and 14 pin socket
R11K resistor
C1-77 off 47 or 100 nF capacitors
C815uF electrolytic capacitor

NB IC24 is a 74L42 from National Semiconductor only

Also supplied for system 2 is

1 off Card Frame173-12501L
4 off 64 way plugs17-3704L
4 off 64 way sockets17-3705F
8 off card guides173-12553G
1 off Back-plane PCB200,011
Earthwire and solder tag
16 off 2.5 mm x 10 mm screws
8 off 2.5 mm nuts