Cambridge Traffic Regulation Orders

I have a collection of Traffic Regulation Orders relating to Cambridge, which I've acquired while trying to work out what the rules actually are where the signs get vague.

The following orders are “as amended” HTML versions that try to present the current state of the law. They use CSS trickery to implement the effect of amendments and make it possible, with some browsers at least, to see the effect of each amendment. They are currently updated to 1st January 2018.

Area Z: historic city centreArea A: Petersfield, Newnham, De Freville, etc.Area B: Arbury and King’s HedgesArea C: ChestertonArea D: AbbeyArea E: Romsey and Cherry HintonArea F: Queen Edith’sArea G: TrumpingtonArea H: West and North West Cambridge
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The map on the right shows roughly the area covered by some of the “Area” orders. The map doesn't tell the whole story, since some sections of road are covered by more than one order. The other orders cover small areas that should be obvious from their titles.

Parking in Cambridge is regulated by The City of Cambridge (Civil Enforcement Area) (Waiting Restrictions And Street Parking Places) Order 2013. Despite its official title, this order was made in 2017. It consists of some articles and lots of plans. The plans are based on Ordnance Survey mapping and hence aren't available here. The current text comes entirely from the original order.

Driving and parking on the verges of certain roads in Cambridge are also restricted by a 2004 byelaw.

Traffic in various of Cambridge's parks is governed by a 1928 bylaw, but the City Council have told me that it doesn't apply to public footpaths across the parks.

There is a list of original orders from which I compiled the above.

Other legislation that's relevant:

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