Installing the ATOM Econet card

The ATOM Econet card is fitted within the ATOM case on the upper side of the ATOM Printed Circuit Board adjacent to the keyboard. The case shuold be opened and the ATOM PCB removed. The Econet card is connected to the ATOM PCB by two rows of pins in the position marked Skt 8. These pins mate with the 20 way bottom entry socket on the Econet card. The card is connected to the network by a five core cable terminated in a 5 pin, 180 degree DIN plug. This plug may be on the end of a lengh of cable taken out via the rear of the case (a small recess may be filed in the case at the exit point) or it can be fitted into the case bottom. The card is enabled into addresses B400 to B7FF (hex) in the ATOM memory map by a signal on Skt 8. For the ATOM Econet card the interrupt line from the board should be linked on the ATOM PCB by making link 3.